8 Steps in Starting an Online Business

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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1) Figure out the product you are going to sell and make it as easy as possible.
Keep things simple and basic to start with. Something which you can really start selling tomorrow and that’s your…expertise. A lot of start up entrepreneurs think like this: oh I cannot roll out the product tomorrow, I don’t have enough money, my product is not perfect, I need a perfect business plan etc 
That’s super wrong. You will end up spending 2 years thinking and thinking and thinking…
Start with what you have. Just go ahead, roll it out to the market, get the negative feedback and move forward. Learn and improve. Keep going. 
2) Don’t hire a developer straight away. Create a simple and nice-looking landing page yourself.
There are so many online tools nowadays, you can literally start by your own. 
3) Start collecting emails/make people subscribe to your social media.
Your end goal is to sell your products or services online but you need to develop your online followers and community as well. First step: give a freebee away, second step: sell something cheaper, third step: sell your main product. 
4) Select your payment processor. 
That’s an important one as well. Guess what: you will need to get paid right? Paypal is good to start with.
5) Pricing your product. 
There is a reasonable price for your product. Don’t underprice your product or services. Choose a reasonable price. Roll out basic products to start with as well for people to get to know you. 
6) Launch your first targeting campaigns on FB
Start marketing your services to people who have similar interests. i.e.: starting a food business? Target people who like food or cooking or they follow a specific famous chef on FB. i.e.: Nigella Lawson etc. You get the point. 
7) Start building a community even if you don’t have an idea yet.
If you want to start a business but you don’t have an idea yet, build your own community. If you are a professional at something, maybe you are a photographer, or a developer or a cook or a sports trainer, start an FB page or IG page and start building your brand. 
8) Stop thinking, start doing.
That’s it. No extra notes needed here.

Now, if you ever dreamed of starting your own business, if you like to take control of your life and future, if you like to be your own boss but don’t know where to start you are at the right place.

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