Entrepreneur – How to have a successful side hustle

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The biggest mistake people do, is over think, and over think and over think. And they never get started. Clarity comes through action.

Having a side hustle is the critical decision in terms of your future financial success. It is really not safe to rely on a single pay check. The job market, the traditional job market is dying.

Everybody knows that. Increasingly is reported that 3 in 10 people, somehow independently from their day job. It’s really a necessity and if you think about the future, not just the now, you really want to be preparing.

Three key things to consider when you decide to move forward with your side hustle:

1) Love what you are doing. It is challenging to run a business right. It is tiring, there is rejection, lots of things will happen that will test you. So, you have to love what you are doing because that will pull you through and that means you will persevere.

2) You have to be good at it. So might love something and you might want to keep it as a hobby. But when it comes to your side hustle, you must be good at it because what is it that you are providing, because, you have to give value to other people in the form of a product or service.

3) There has to be a market for it. There has to be already people paying for this product or service, somehow, somewhere in the world already. That’s why its great to research your competition. Competition is a good thing. It proves there is market, there is demand for what you have to offer.

So those are the 3 things: you love it, you are good at it, there is demand for it.

The best part about creating a side hustle NOW is that entrepreneurship is the future of employment. With all of the changes happening in the world due to rapid technological growth, we are moving to a gig economy. While our grandparents’ generation had 1 job in their lifetime and our parents had an average of 5 jobs, it is projected that our children will have 5 at a time—and most not as an employee. Start taking back control of your finances and your life NOW by learning how to play the game of entrepreneurship.


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